Email Marketing For Music Producers

When it comes to selling beats quickly, email marketing can be a fast way to get started. The easiest way to make passive income through selling beats is to send out regular emails to your list of subscribers.  Everybody has an email address that they check on a regular basis.

If you’re a music producer, you know that sending beats to potential buyers is an important part of the process

What is cold marketing?

Cold marketing is a technique of marketing that involves sending emails or messages to artists and labels with no prior contact, frequently to people who have not requested information or have subscribed to your email list.    It’s a sales technique used by marketers and salespeople to reach out to potential customers and clients.  Cold emailing is essentially the art of sending an email to someone you don’t know, with the hope that they will respond and become a customer.  

In order to sell beats through cold marketing, you first need to create a list of email addresses of people who might be interested in purchasing your beats. Once you have your list, you can begin emailing them your beats for sale.

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